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"I have been putting Timbrenson all of my plow vehicles ever since I heard of them 8 years ago. They are agreat product and good investment for anyone in the snow removal business."
Aaron - Lakewood, Ohio

"Great price fast shipping,would buy from you again."
John - Georgetown, Mass.

"I have heard very good reviews on this prouduct. I am looking forward to using the system."
Bob - Layton, Utah

"I bought a Timbren SES Kit for one of my pickup trucks from a local dealer, then I found your site. I was so impressed with the ride improvement when loaded down, that I am buying another kit from you for my other pickup. You have the best price I could find, and you will have my business again in the future."
David - Hampton, NH

"This past winter I put a snow plow on my 1/2 ton Dodge truck. Since the truck was not designed to support a Plow on the front, I was having troubles with the front end sagging and the mount scraping on the ground over bumps. After installing timbren rubber supports for the front end, I gained clearance for the mount and the truck rested on the rubber and did not sag as much. After talking to some snowplow owners in my area, I have sold them on the timbrens also. I own a Auto Repair Shop and I continue to tell the story to customers."
Tony - Clyde, OH

"I have co-workers that have your system on their trucks and I see the difference it makes in handling and caring heavier loads, so I have to put it on my dually. I use it to haul cars with a wheel lift and Ii know it's gong to make a world of difference for me too..."
Laurice Puckett - Kirkland, IL

"Great service, quality product."
RP - Mechanicville, NY

"Timbren kits are a cinch to install. I've used these on two other vehicles. No pneumatic lines or leaks to worry, they just go to work as soon as they are bolted on. Great product, Thanks."
Mike - Freeland, Michigan

"We have a fifth wheel livestock trailer. When loading the overhead with calves, the 3/4 ton Ford pickup rear sags excessively. Adding Timbren to the rear end of the truck fixed the problem. Thanks."
Paul - Manlius, NY

"I own a 2007 f250 and I had a salt dog spreader in the rear. It was shooting salt at an angle and not speading far. I got the timbrens in the rear and the front for the plow. Now the truck is level and the salt spreads correctly when I start with a full load. Everything works better, and the drivetrain is working in a normal position. It will have less wear and tear in the rear and the front. Thanks Timbren!! I'm ordering a set for my new f350, which has a bigger plow and needs the timbrens up front!!! Just makes sense to have them!!!"
Michael - East Greenbush, NY

"I received the springs and have them installed. Thanks for your fine product."

"I purchased a set of DVR05091 on Monday the 8th of Dec. 2008, and I received the product on Tuesday the 9th in the afternoon. I am very satisfied with the service that you give and the product works perfectly. My first set was installed on our 2004 Dodge Sprinter 2500, and it did improve a lot of the stability and the leveling of the vehicle. Keep up the good work. Thanks."
Pierre - Canada

"I ordered my first set of Timbrens and I got an email confirmation. The Timbrens came to me super fast. I have no complaints."
Edgar - Wilton, CT

“Very fast shipping! Very easy to deal with”
Byard - Heber Springs, AR

“ The Timbren system is great! I own a Hotshot trucking company and with as much as 15k loads on my gooseneck, I get no sway on my f350 pickup. I also don't have to worry about leakage or punctures to the bags. Great system and I'm adding two more pair to other trucks now in the fleet.”
Don - longmont, CO

“ I ordered a set of Timbrens last year for my Chevy 2500HD. I called to learn of how Timbrens could work for me and I got a lot more info then what I asked for. I wasn't sure how to adjust the trucks torsion bars but the sales person helped me out.”
E&S Landscaping - Wilton, CT

“ It was so easy to make my purchase using your online store and I was pleasantly surprised to also get a store discount of $20.00. Your price is the best I could find. Thankyou very much”
Vern - Edmonds, WA

“ I bought a set for my Dodge Caravan and it made a great difference when towing. When not towing, the vehicle ide on its usual suspension. I highly reccommend these parts. I am about to order another set for my Linc Navagator. Great price in comparrison to local auto merchants. Install is a snap.”
Eduardo - Cascade, MD

“ I sold a wood splitter and about 5 pickup truck loads of wood to my neighbor,he came over last night to get a couple loads of the wood.now i just purchased a 1500 chevy pick up.anyway we where loading his pickup with the wood and i ask him (is your truck a 1 ton)he said no its a 1/2 ton.i said wow ,what do you have xtra springs put in,he said no i have timbren rubber kits installed.i was very impressed,i'm going to put them on mine (no question)”
Richard - Berlin, NY

“ I purchased my first set of Tembren's from Albany Spring. That was in 2005. I had to call them about a question I had for my old '98 K2500 Chevy truck. I found them to be knowledgeable and courteous. Didn't matter if I bought or not, but I did come back later and bought a set. Shipping was fast, and the kit was the correct one for my application.
I will order from them again.”

Snakeman - Niles, MI

“ Timbrens are the best product in the catagory, period! Albany Spring offers the best price and quick quality service!”
Chris - Great Falls, MT

Timbren hollow rubber springs are mounted between the truck frame and the axle. They do not take the place of the existing leaf spring, but work in conjunction with it, to improve the ride of your truck and to protect springs against overloading.

Timbren Ride Control products enhance a vehicle's empty ride quality, while providing protection against overloading, road shock, bottoming out, sway and broken springs. Front axle kits prevent front end nose diving. Together, these features provide a smooth, level ride, even with heavy loads.

Timbren kits are simple to install and require no alteration to your present suspension.

No special tools or skills are required to install your Timbren kit. Just follow the easy to understand instructions. Within a short period of time, you will experience enhanced handling and increased stability (both front and rear applications) on your vehicle.

Many manufacturers, including Bombardier, Mack and Kenworth, directly utilize Timbren kits in their commercial products.  Many other fleets, modifiers and converters install the Aeon spring as a supplementary suspension for their vehicles. More...

Enjoy the superb ride of your vehicle, but when you are carrying heavy loads or when you want to reduce sway towing a trailer, you can count on your Timbren SES rear Suspension Enhancement System to do the job.   Front Suspension Enhancement Systems will improve roll stability on twisty, winding roads or in off-road applications.  All Timbren SES provide exceptional, maintenance free and trouble free performance of your vehicle.

To select the right kit you need to know what the vehicle is used for.  For example, the same chassis can be used for personal use, as a tradesman's van or as a tow truck.
Knowing that the suspension has been modified or is old and sagging should indicate a need to adjust the ride height to obtain the right clearances.
This can be done by altering the kit (changing rubber spring or bracket) or re-arching the steel spring to renew the optimum ride height. We can help contact us...

We specialize in suspension parts for all kinds of vehicles and trailers.

No matter where you are located in the world, chances are we can provide the spring or suspension part for your vehicle - even hard to find items.

UPDATE - Now get FREE Shipping More...

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